DGT Services

Maple Mobility DGT Services vanDGT Services successfully and efficiently provides quality Wheelchair Repair and Maintenance Contracts to NHS Wheelchair Services. As the provider to 9 Wheelchair Services in the North East London Region, we have all the required knowledge, skills and facilities to serve contracts to high levels. As evidence of this, we consistently achieve Key Performance Indicators to a minimum of 95%. We supply a dedicated Customer Care Coordinator and Field Service Engineer to each Wheelchair Service to ensure continuity, accountability, reliability and ultimately user satisfaction. A recent user survey reported that 100% would choose DGT Services as their preferred Wheelchair Repairer.

With our considerable experience, knowledge and understanding, DGT Services provide superior services at affordable and realistic prices. Our successful performance over 30 years demonstrates our capability in delivering services efficiently on behalf of the NHS. We are fully aware of cost pressures and will continue to provide innovation and efficiencies, whilst not compromising on quality.

Logos: NHS approved contractor, Whizz-Kids, BHTA, Motability, ISO2001