DGT Services Ltd was established by Derick Tann and his son, Gary, in 1986.

Invacar Model 701

Initially DGT Services carried out repairs and maintenance services on the old-style mobility vehicles, known as Invacar Model 70s, which pre-dated the Motability Scheme. The repairs were carried out on behalf of what was then the DHSS in the North East Thames Region.

These vehicles all had a characteristic blue fibre glass shell and were designed to carry a single occupant, with enough room to stow a folded wheelchair alongside. Manufacture of the Invacar Model 70s ceased in 1977 and they were finally taken off the road in 2003.

DGT Services were awarded their first Wheelchair Repair and Maintenance Contracts to Enfield, Waltham Forest and West Essex Wheelchair Services. And, almost 35 years later, we are extremely proud that we continue to serve both Enfield and West Essex service users.

Wheelchair technician

DGT currently serves a total of 9 Wheelchair Services across London and the South East. Last year we carried out nearly 57,000 repairs, collections, deliveries and maintenance checks; that’s almost 1,100 every week!

Gary's brother, Brian joined DGT Services Ltd in 1993. Derick Tann, has now retired and the company is led by Gary as Managing Director and Brian, as Operations Manager. We have a great team of staff; our Contracts and Training Manager, Libby Stroud (also an Occupational Therapist who worked in Wheelchair Services for many years), plus our Team Leaders heading up each staff group, Service Engineers, Coordinators, Workshop Technicians, Stores.

Many of our staff have been with the DGT for over 20 years and are highly trained and skilled.

Team training in the workshop