Storage on Behalf of WCS

Storing assets responsibly and reliably

We currently store over 5000 assets safely and securely on behalf of the Wheelchair Services with whom we have contracts with. All the stock is segregated for each Wheelchair Service.

Stock management is underpinned by a superb bespoke electronic stock management system, with each stock asset identified by a unique tag number and serial number, ensuring full accountability and traceability 24/7.

Cataloguing stock
Checking the wheelchair immediately on delivery (left) and then cataloguing the asset on DGTs bespoke electronic stock management system (right)

When equipment is delivered to us by manufacturers, this is immediately inspected and checked for faults or breakages (which can occur during transportation). This involves scrutinising equipment fully, with all the wheelchair configuration details catalogued and uploaded onto DGT's bespoke electronic stock management system.

Once the check and cataloguing is completed, the equipment is stored securely on behalf of the Wheelchair Service.