DGT employ skilled qualified City and Guilds Mechanical Engineers. With over 40 years’ experience they modify wheelchairs and their accessories on behalf of the Wheelchair Service.

drop in seat board and armrest modifications
Drop in padded seat board with fixture for pommel (left) and rigid skirt guards (right)

Skilled in welding, machining, fabrication and assembly, our engineers are able to modify equipment at the request of the Rehabilitation Engineer or Clinician.

We carry out all our modifications on behalf of Wheelchair Services in our workshops located at Chelmsford, which ensures a prompt and efficient service. As a result, we can respond to emergencies and manufacture bespoke items. No challenge is too great for our modification engineers!

Tension adjustable back with brace bar
Bespoke tension adjustable backrest canvas being fitted with brace bar
Completed tension adjustable backrest canvas
Tension adjustable backrest canvas with brace bar, fully fitted

Bespoke Upholstery

All fabricated modifications, such as cushions, padded foot boxes, armrests pads, are manufactured by our highly skilled upholsterer. He has over 35 years' expertise.

padded footbox
Padded footbox manufactured to drawings created by the Rehab Engineer
Padded footboard with reinforced metal strip to protect the footboard itself from damage
Bespoke back canvas for wheelchair being created by our upholsterer

We work with the wheelchair service Rehabilitation Engineers and Therapists to adapt mobility equipment to the service users' needs. This includes researching and designing bespoke and timely solutions tailored to the individual and ultimately optimises independent mobility.