Reconditioning, Decontamination and Recycling

Delivering excellence with efficiencies and savings

Our workshops are extensive and last year our workshop technicians reconditioned (also known as refurbishment or recycling) significant numbers of wheelchairs in behalf of the NHS.

Timely and quality refurbishment relies upon the knowledge, skills and capabilities of our excellent workshop technicians. Not only does this demonstrate reuse and recycling, but effective reconditioning also produces significant savings for our NHS customers especially, where cost efficiencies are crucial. This is because Wheelchair Services then do not have to replace the refurbished assets with new, more expensive equipment.

Before decontamination and reconditioning

Equipment prior to full decontamination, reconditioning and refurbishment
An example of the condition of equipment prior to full decontamination, reconditioning and refurbishment

Returned equipment arrives at our workshops in a variety of different conditions. However irrespective of the condition, every item is stringently decontaminated to exacting standards before it progresses through the refurbishment process in our workshops. As well as auditing this ourselves, we have external assessments carried out by third parties that check the quality of workmanship.

The results achieved by the workshop technician are exemplary, as demonstrated by the photos here of the same piece of equipment, following reconditioning

Buggy after reconditioning
The results of full refurbishment and reconditioning - Buggy "as new" and ready for issue